I'm a Canadian artist, originally from Toronto and now residing in Kingston, ON.


They say that some artists are born and some are created.  I was definitely born an artist, drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil.  I never went to school for art and YouTube tutorials didn't exist back then, so I would just choose random books to see if I could draw what I saw. I was a big animal lover, so animals were my favorite subject to draw.  Then one day someone suggested that I draw people's pets... and that's how the pet portraits started.

Overall I just love being creative, working with my hands and 'making things pretty'.  This all came naturally, and it has been a pretty consistent pattern in my life.  Apart from these portraits, I also had my own business as a Professional Organizer, which also included Staging.  This was another way I was able to use my creative outlet and desire to create beauty. 

Joanna Petersen

Fun Fact

In the Myers Briggs' world, I am an ISFP.  This is the personality type that is commonly referred to as 'THE ARTIST'

Outside of art, I love learning and have a particular fascination with human behavior and psychology.  I enjoy reading, logic puzzles, health, fitness and martial arts. I have a black belt in Combat Hapkido, trained for the top level in Kung Fu Kickboxing and have dabbled in a number of other disciplines along with weapons training, with hopes to pursue my martial arts journey alongside my creative path.